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RNB Properties

A more modern take on the traditional logo style that came before it. This logo was designed to resonate with RNB Property's target market, reflecting international standards and sleek design.

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Logo Design


YuGo is a nightclub in Lesotho, whose target market are hip hop lovers in their 20s. They asked us to redesign their logo and CI and build a website that will clearly communicate their brand identity.

Case Study
Logo Design
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ser experience that excites! Branding that sets you head and shoulders above the competition! Make sure your website connects meaningfully with your customers with a digital marketing project that's an extension of your brand's core promise.

UI/UX Design

In the crowded world of the internet, it can be hard for your business to stand out. To keep visitors' attention on you and your business, we design websites that are easy to use, enhancing the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) with the latest trends in web design.

Branding & Identity

Your brand is one of your organisation's most important assets. It gives your organisation an identity, makes your business memorable, and encourages customers to buy from you. Our Digitects will build you a website that supports your brand, creating a tailored experience for your clients that fits with your vision. With PDA, you can build a brand that is known, loved and preferred.

SEO & Content Marketing

In the world of digital marketing, visibility is everything! Your target market is savvy, knowledgeable and armed with mobile devices. We'll make sure they can find you on the internet with optimised content, increasing your visibility on search engines and your company's performance.

Full Support

Your website is the online tuxedo of your company. It sets the first impression, educates and explains what you're about and. It can also be a pain to set up and manage. That's where we come in. With 24 hour support and a team of creative Digitects obsessed with your project, we'll take care of everything, from design and illustration to copywriting and development.
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Powerful Design

Drive traffic to your website, convey powerful messages to your target market, increase lead conversions and build awareness of your brand with a beautifully designed website that delivers results.

Awesome Features:
  • Designed with your target market in mind
  • Interactive
  • Smooth animations
  • Friendly Support

Get the right response from your customers every time they visit your website!

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Our Process

How We Work


Exploring the problem

We get that you may not know how to explain what you need or even where to begin. That's okay. We want to know about you and your business; how it all started, what inspired it, your aspirations, what you want to achieve with this new project. Together we'll craft a vision that we will refer to throughout the process.

Finding the solution

Now that we know where we're going, we will study your competitors and profile your target market. This will help us understand what they respond to and how we can add value to your business. Your website will be the first point of contact that your target market has with your business, we'll make sure they like what they see.


Time for trial and error, tweaking and finessing. In this stage of the project we'll build a prototype for you to have a look at; you tell us what works and what doesn't, and we'll make sure that the final product is exactly what you need it to be.

Building the product

This is the fun part! We will build your website to suit your brand, selecting the colours, visuals, animations and movements that will enhance your audience's user experience and looks great on all devices.

Launch and support

At PDA, all good things go on and on. Now that you have an online presence with an outstanding website, we'll be there to support you in managing the site, continuously working to make sure that your website always reflects your business growth.

Creative Strategy

We're obsessed with good branding! From design strategy and concept development, to user experience (UX) design, advertising strategy and content creation, we'll help you create a brand that will live in the hearts and minds of your customers.

Web Design & Development

We think of the web as an evolving media, meant to take your business to the next level. We'll build your website to bring results, whether the aim in to inform, educate, build a community, earn revenue or just show your pretty face to the world.

Ecommerce Web Design

Your online store is an extension of your ideas, and we'll design it as such. You will have full control over the layout and images so that the end product is exactly as you'd imagined.

Business Solutions

We're passionate about customer service, and we want to provide your team with the tools to give the best possible service to your clients. With our multitude of Customer Relationship Management software, you will have the power to build a centralised database of your clients' likes and dislikes, allowing to give personalised service to everyone that walks through your doors.

Content Marketing

It is important for a website to not only have aesthetically-pleasing design, but also engaging and interesting content appropriate to its audience. That's where content creators come in. With our team of copywriters, we will build you engaging webpages that get you the right results and keep your audience focused on you.

Hosting Services

In today's fast-paced world, potential customers leave a website if the webpages take longer than 4 seconds to load. With our various hosting options, we can guarantee fast-loading pages within 3 seconds, an SSL certificate to protect your website from malware, and unlimited emails for all your staff members, absolutely free. We are also available to assist you any time.

Who We Are

Creative Team

Managing Director
Lineo Mpapea
Creative Director
Thabo Mpapea
Head Programmer
Portia Miller
Head Photographer
Neo Kapa

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